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How to Get App Download Statistics

Is there a way to get app download statistics?


Yes! Services like 42matters that specialize in mobile app data and app store analytics can provide a variety of actionable download insights. These include estimates for total downloads and monthly/daily downloads by country.

Now, some of our more astute readers will have caught onto that one word — estimates. And we confess, app downloads are tricky to pin down. Indeed, with millions of apps being uploaded, downloaded, updated, and deleted all over the world at all times, it can be surprisingly complex to calculate precisely how many times each one has been downloaded over the course of its existence. As a consequence, exact download statistics are hard to come by. So, unless you yourself are the app developer, the best you’ll be able to manage are estimated app downloads.


Fortunately, these estimates are pretty darn accurate. Check it out — here are the five most downloaded apps on Google Play, as of August 19, 2020:

1.     Google Play Services — 10,000,000,000+ downloads

2.     Google Chrome: Fast & Secure — 5,000,000,000+ downloads

3.     Facebook — 5,000,000,000+ downloads

4.     Google Drive — 5,000,000,000+ downloads

5.     Maps - Navigate & Explore — 5,000,000,000+ downloads


For the latest data, or for more app download statistics, reach out to our team!

How can you get app download statistics?

As we mentioned above, the best way to get statistics for app downloads — if you are not the developer of the app — is to use a service that specializes in mobile app and app store insights.

At 42matters, we leverage our unique machine learning algorithms to deliver app analytics via a host of useful APIs, file dumps, and the 42matters Explorer. These provide insight into Google Play, the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Tencent Appstore, and a variety of connected TV channel stores. Currently, we track download statistics for:

·       All 3,386,620 apps on Google Play

·       All 1,740,766 apps on the Apple App Store

To get insight into app downloads via the 42matters Explorer, do the following:

1.     Register for a 14-day free trial

2.     Activate your account and launch ‘Explorer’

3.     Select either ‘Android Apps’ or iOS Apps’ from the ‘Explorer’ section of the ‘Launchpad’

4.     Select an app that you’re interest in

5.     Scroll to the ‘Downloads’ section of the app tile

Et voilà! As we mentioned, you’ll have access to:

1. Estimated monthly downloads by country:

Monthly downloads by country — 42matters app download statistics.

This includes the ability to find monthly app downloads for any country in the world:

Filter app downloads by country — 42matters app download statistics.

As well as the ability to see monthly downloads by country as either a percentage of total global downloads or as an integer:

Monthly downloads by country pie chart — 42matters app download statistics.

For iOS, you will have the additional option to sort by the iPhone and iPad versions of the app:

Monthly iOS downloads by country — 42matters app download statistics.

That said, monthly and daily download estimates are not available for every iOS app.

2.   Estimated daily downloads by country:

Daily downloads by country — 42matters app download statistics.

You can use the same country filter mentioned above to focus on countries of interest. To see daily downloads, hover your mouse over the chart like so:

Daily download estimates — 42matters app download statistics.

3.   Estimated total downloads:

Estimated total downloads, descending — 42matters app download statistics.

These can be sorted from most downloads to least (as in the image above), or vice versa:


Estimated total downloads, ascending — 42matters app download statistics.


And, of course, you can add other filters as well. For instance, if you want to search by the most downloaded Arcade games, you can do so:


Estimated total downloads by category — 42matters app download statistics.

Estimated total downloads are currently available for Android apps only.

Moreover, please keep in mind, if you are using a trial version of the Explorer you will not have access to the complete 42matters database. So, consider signing up for the real deal! With full access to the Explorer, you’ll be able to see download statistics for every app and game available on both major app stores. Moreover, you’ll have insight into their:

·       Ratings, reviews, and rankings

·       Categories, genres, and IAB categories

·       Country availability and localization practices

·       Monetization and advertising strategies

·       SDKs, permissions, and other technical insights

·       And more!

Get app download statistics via 42matters...

The examples above are merely the tip of the iceberg. So, if you have a specific use-case in mind that requires insight into app downloads and are curious about the 42matters Explorer, be sure to schedule a free demo with one of our experts.

Alternatively, for those more technically inclined, our APIs facilitate programmatic access to app data collected from both Google Play and the Apple App Store, as well as: the Amazon Appstore, Tencent Appstore, Apple TV App Store, Fire TV, and Roku Channel Store.

For Android app download statistics, our Lookup API and Advanced Query API  are a good place to start.


Get Started With 42matters Today!

At 42matters, we provide app insights, data, and analytics via a host of useful APIs, File Dumps, and web-based app intelligence platforms, like the 42matters Explorer, and the 42matters SDK Explorer.

These tools, which you can try free for 14-days, offer a comprehensive look at app market trends and statistics. This includes in-depth, visual insights into downloads, categories, top charts, rating and review analyses, and more. This data can be downloaded as a CSV file and leveraged however you like — in your own algorithms, analyses, products, studies, etc.

If you would like to learn more about our recent updates, or any other mobile app analytics from 42matters, schedule a free demo with one of our experts!

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