Boost Ad Targeting, Maximize Ad Impressions, Fight Ad Fraud

With 42matters, you’ll have access to app market intelligence generated by 17.1 million published and unpublished iOS, Android, and connected TV (CTV) apps and 2,300+ iOS and Android SDKs.

You’ll have access to publisher details for 1.9+ million publishers from: Google Play, the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Tencent MyApp, Apple TV tvOS App Store, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, the Roku Channel Store, Samsung Smart TV Apps, the LG Content Store, and Vizio SmartCast Apps.

  • Increase the value of ad impressions by improving ad targeting.
  • Proactively reduce ad fraud.
  • Protect ad quality and ensure brand safety.
  • Analyze app developer quality to avoid poor ad placements.
  • Conduct Ad Tech-specific market research and competitor analysis.
  • Improve publisher on-boarding process.

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Enhance Ad Targeting Techniques to Maximize the Value of Each Ad Impression

Leverage thousands of app intelligence metrics to enhance your ad targeting techniques. Generate more valuable ad impressions. With 42matters, you’ll have access to:

  • 1,000+ IAB categories, Android categories, iOS genres for more precise ad targeting.
  • Country-specific content ratings.
  • Country availability and other localization insights, like download estimates, that reveal where apps have potential user bases.
  • Quickly and easily find all information about any app.
  • Comprehensive app store coverage for improved ad reach, including insight into the Amazon Appstore, Tencent MyApp, and a host of CTV app stores.
Enhance Ad Targeting Techniques to Maximize the Value of Each Ad Impression

Tackle Ad Fraud to Bolster Your Bottom Line

Insights that will enable you to proactively combat ad fraud. Leverage tools like our App Bundle Verifier API, App-Ads.txt API, and others, for:

  • App-Ads.txt insights, which help you track authorized digital ad sellers.
  • Publisher information, like physical addresses, web domains, published and unpublished apps, and more.
  • App IDs, bundle IDs, and package names to help you track and verify apps.
  • App permissions, which help you identify dangerous or suspicious app activity, fake location data, and click injection.
  • Integrated SDKs to help you spot apps that use suspicious tools to generate fake clicks.
Tackle Ad Fraud to Bolster Your Bottom Line

Maintain Ad Quality and Ensure Brand Safety

Ensure your ads appear on apps that belong to content-friendly categories. Avoid placing ads on apps that don’t appeal to the right target audiences. Also:

  • Use the 1,000+ IAB Categories for more precise app classification.
  • Access country-specific content ratings to promote brand safety.
  • Leverage user review sentiment analysis to see how users feel about in-app ads.
  • Tap into country-specific daily download estimates to determine where apps are most popular.
  • Decrease ad waste by verifying whether an app is unpublished or out-of-date.
Maintain Ad Quality and Ensure Brand Safety

Verify App and Developer Quality to Filter Out Risky Apps

Check the suitability of apps and publishers before onboarding them. Foster trusting relationships with developers by verifying audience insights, reviews, and user review sentiment. 42matters also enables you to:

  • Find all apps attributed to a single developer name, which makes it possible to include their average app rating in any trust factor calculations.
  • Determine which apps should be automatically rejected based on app categories, ratings, App Privacy Details, and App Tracking Transparency.
  • Match apps across multiple app stores.
  • Check for unusual publishing histories.
Verify App and Developer Quality to Filter Out Risky Apps

Conduct Ad Tech-Specific Market Research

IAB categories enable you to segment apps by industry or category. SDK analysis makes it possible for you to find all apps and app developers that use your or your competitors' ad network SDKs.

  • Easily export all segmented leads in CSV format.
  • Access developer contact details, including physical and web addresses, for lead generation.
  • See when developers remove your ad network SDK or your competitors' ad network SDKs.
  • Analyze user review sentiment to see how audiences feel about in-app ads on specific apps.
  • Find publishers by searching for specific keywords.
Conduct Ad Tech-Specific Market Research

Flexible Access to 42matters' App Intelligence Data

  • Explorer: Visually explore App Intelligence for any iOS or Android app.
  • App Watchlist: Track and benchmark any iOS or Android apps on a single, unified dashboard.
  • APIs: Programmatically pull App Intelligence.
  • File dumps: Download complete app store data and statistics and ingest them into your own systems for further analysis.

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