Amazon Fire TV Statistics and Trends 2024
Last update: 17 Jun 2024 CET

Amazon Fire TV Statistics and Trends 2024

For this article, we leveraged our app intelligence solutions to analyze the current state of Fire TV. In particular, we looked at app and publisher data to identify a variety of emerging trends.

To demonstrate our findings, we’ve answered the following questions about Fire TVFire TV.

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Fire TV

History of Fire TV

Amazon is one of the most successful companies in history. Primarily known for their focus on e-commerce, the “Big Four” tech giant has since expanded its horizons to such markets as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming.

Amazon’s first Fire TV was launched in early 2014. It was the company’s response to the digital streaming trend that culminated in such products as the Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Roku’s various streaming devices and smart appliances, and more.

According to Amazon, the Fire TV initially bore the codename “Bueller” (after the eponymous character from Ferris Bueller`s Day Off) and was designed to outpace its competitors first, and foremost, in performance.

Fire TV, while primarily competing with other streaming devices and platforms, was also developed in response to a significant shift in the way consumers were interacting with entertainment. Indeed, people were – and are still – abandoning traditional cable providers in ever-growing numbers. This phenomenon, known as “cord-cutting,” has led to increasingly poor returns for the cable industry overall.

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to this is the fact that companies like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube simply offer better products. Consumers using these platforms have far more control, on-demand access to their favorite content, and viewing options that are curated based on their viewing history and interests.

In the same vein, Amazon Fire TV can effectively capitalize on cord-cutting by bringing an affordable, bespoke offering to the market. This encourages consumers to ditch expensive, thousand-channel cable packages that they don’t need or want.

Amazon Fire TV has quickly become one of the more dominant players in the digital streaming market. This is good news for Amazon because it means the company has successfully established a new line of revenue in an incredibly promising market.

Currently, Amazon Fire TV comes in a number of different configurations. These include hardware devices like the Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote, the Fire TV Cube, the Fire TV Stick, and a host of smart-TVs that license the Fire TV platform. Then, of course, there’s the Amazon Fire TV app, which can be downloaded on various mobile devices.

Much like Apple TV, the Fire TV app acts primarily as a command center that creates a unified streaming experience. It facilitates access to thousands of channels, apps, games, and other digital content via the Amazon app store.

While there is plenty of free content available to Fire TV users, other content – coming from such platforms as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO GO – require third-party subscriptions. Additionally, there are some apps, like those that offer movie purchases and rentals, that charge on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Among Fire TV’s more popular apps and channels are: YouTube TV, CBS, Fox Now, Fox Sports, NBC, NBC Sports, ABC, ESPN, NFL, Tubi Free Movies and TV, Playstation Vue, and more.

For consumers, Amazon Fire TV products offer a convenient, all-in-one digital entertainment platform. They come in a diverse range of hardware and software options that offer customers more freedom, more manageable costs, and a better overall streaming experience.

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How many apps are available on Fire TV?

Fire TV Apps

Fire TV Apps


Fire TV is one of the most popular mobile app vendors on the planet, offering 15,169 apps.

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How many publishers have released apps on Fire TV?

Fire TV AppsPublishers

To date, 6,527 app publishers have published apps on Fire TV.

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What is the distribution of free versus paid on Fire TV?

Fire TV Apps
Out of 15,169 Fire TV apps.

There are 11,855 free apps on Fire TV and 3,314 that must be purchased. However, it should be noted that many free apps require subscriptions or otherwise offer in-app purchases.

What is the distribution of apps by category?

Drilling down a bit deeper, apps available on Fire TV are divided into 141 categories. We’ve calculated the distribution of Fire TV apps by category:

Google App Store logo

Fire TV Categories

Total categories: See All 141 Categories

How many apps are released on Fire TV per day?

Fire TV AppsApps Published per Day (Avg.)

An average of 15 new apps are released on Fire TV per day.

How many apps are released on Fire TV per week?

New apps per week
Fire TV AppsApps Published Last Week

Last week, 91 apps were published to Fire TV. The chart to the left depicts publication statistics for the last three weeks.

How many apps are released on Fire TV per month?

New apps per month
Fire TV AppsApps Published Last Month

Last month, 455 apps were added to Fire TV. The chart to the left shows publication trends over the last three months.

What is the average rating of Fire TV apps?

Apps rating stars

Apps with ratings

  • Apps with ratings Icon

    Out of 15,169 Fire TV apps.

Apps rating stars

Apps without ratings

  • Apps without ratings Icon

    Out of 15,169 Fire TV apps.

Currently, 6,210 Fire TV apps have been rated by users, while 8,959 have not yet been rated. The chart below shows the distribution of app ratings on Fire TV.

Average Rating Distribution
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
  • Rating stars
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How much do Fire TV apps cost?

While the vast majority of Fire TV apps are free to download, many need to be purchased. Typically, paid Fire TV apps cost $9-$10. Below, we've plotted the price distribution of paid apps for those costing up to USD $10.00:

Number of Apps per Price - For paid apps priced below USD 10.00
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