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Top 15 Data Intelligence SDKs Used in Android Apps

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We here at 42matters have pulled together a list of the most popular Data Intelligence SDKs leveraged by Android apps available on the Android app market. These SDKs give developers the ability to analyze various forms of data in such a way that they can either expand their services or investments, or otherwise hone in on a more sustainable and profitable business strategy via data informed decision making.

We based our list on our analysis of the millions of mobile applications – and over 1,200 SDKs integrated into them – that constitute the vast inventory of the Google Play Store. The details contained herein provide readers with a glimpse into the rich mobile application insights generated by the 42matters technology. This data is also available via our API and Explorer.

For app publishers seeking an SDK, capable of efficient collecting and processing data, to expand and improve the functionality of their app, this list outlines the most trusted available options. For SDK developers, it provides useful data on both competitors and potential customers. Finally, for market researchers, our list offers a tantalizing sample of the sort of market insights our technology can provide.

Where does the data come from?

We at 42matters scan millions of iOS and Android applications upon their release and as they are updated. We maintain an always up-to-date list of SDKs installed in each application. The download numbers represent estimates. The data collected can be used to compare the distribution of SDKs by category (find the full list of SDKs per category here), and in this way provide a more rigorous understanding of the SDK market share within the broader mobile application landscape. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Are you looking for app publishers to adopt your SDK?

App Market Explorer gives you the ability to find and qualify new leads. Identify your ideal publisher by browsing for compatible applications and filtering by what SDKs are integrated, number of downloads, ratings, country, etc. Learn more...

Are you looking for data-rich insights into the app market?

App Market Explorer allows you to selectively or broadly browse the entire mobile application market. 42matters also offers full meta data snapshots of Google Play Store and iOS App Store apps. These data dumps allow you to implement and analyze the data we collect in any way you see fit. Learn more...

Are you looking for an SDK to leverage in your app?

In addition to providing insight into which SDKs your competitors are using and how their applications are ranked, App Market Explorer enables you to monitor emerging trends and growing markets within the mobile app industry. Learn more...